Kenny The Plug Talks “Year Of Glow”

Tired of hearing everyone else’s music, KTP got an awaking and thought, why let everyone else have fun and let myself be the bystander while I could be having the fun. The fun he was referring was music. Kenny The Plug (KTP) is an up and coming alternative Hip-Hop and Rap artist, who has recently risen to prominence in the St. Louis Music Scene. His Debut EP Different has garnered over 3,000 plays since its release in August of 2016.

      “People just think I’m playing around and you know what this year is my year. I’m not playing around no more, it’s the year where I glow up”

Kenny The Plug is chasing his dreams while tackling his studies at Missouri Valley College. He puts 100% of his effort into everything he does. Especially his first album Year of Glo, which a melting pot of all different genres. A Year of Glo will take listeners for a loop as it is a completely different sound from his Different EP.

“I got one collab that is out now on Project, NOW feat TrillaKid I got some single solos, I got some interviews”

YearOfGlow AblumArt

With numerous style and genres featured on Year of Glo, you can’t slap a label on Kenny The Plug.

“I’m not just one type of music. You can’t put me in a box”

For more on KTP check him out on his socials and come back next week for the next installment of KTP’s Glow Up.

You can see him perform with the Cooley Bros’ POOTIE TOO GOOD, April 14 at Blank Space (2847 Cherokee Street)

Twitter: @itsKTP
Instagram : @kennytheplug
Soundcloud: @kennytheplug


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