Views From The Block

On a recent trip to New York City, I was walking on the High Line and stumbled upon this exhibit called Views From The Block. The whole exhibit is centered around a new HBO documentary Class Divide by Emmy winning director Marc Levin.

Class Divide is centered around the gentrification img_3436editin New York City’s West Chelsea area focusing specifically on an intersection w
here an elite private school for the wealthy sits right across the street from public housing projects. On one side you have a $40,000 a year private school and on the other side you have housing projects which help provide affordable housing to unemployed and/or underemployed people. It shows the massive income inequality between two sides of a street.

The exhibit itself is a photography exhibit done by children and teens living in img_3439-editedthe west Chelsea area. The exhibit was a sample of some of the the work of the 115 Steps Project. The 115 steps project is a photo and audio project by Yasemin Smallens that examines the gentrification of Chelsea through two different views. The first view is through the eyes of teenagers at Avenues: The World School. The second is from teenagers who live across the street at the Chelsea-Elliot Housing Project.

The exhibit contained 14 photographs from the students at Chelsea’s Avenues School. The Gallery also has a handful of photographs collected from social media further expanding the views of the gallery.

You can join in on the conversation on Class Divide and Views From
The Block

Class Divide premiered on HBO on October 3

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